Thursday, April 30, 2009

New pics

So, I put up some pics from Lucca and Nice. Lucca is a small walled village in Tuscany, where mom, dad, Paul and I went for the day. The wall around the city is about 30 feet wide, so we rented bikes and spent an hour or so going all the way around. Soooo fun! And it was a beautiful day. There were tall trees all around, and tons of little tiny flowers in the grass. As we rode, I kept noticing a tall tower somewhere in the center of town that looked like it had trees growing on top of it! We made up our minds to find it... and we did! So we climbed the top and took pictures. That whole day was really fun.

The pictures from Nice are of a trip I took in the beginning of April, which I didn't write about at the time. I visited Eze, a very small walled medieval village on top of a cliff over the beach, Monaco, the small little rich rich rich country (?) with the famous casino and a beautiful white sand beach, Antibes, which was my favorite, since it was charming and old and had a castle and the Alps in the background over the beach, etc. Then, we visited Nice on the 3rd day, which was cool because it was a Sunday and so we came upon the Nice Flower Market, which is apparently pretty famous, and was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Soo big, with red and blue and white striped canvas stalls, beautiful flowers everywhere, fresh fruit and veggies, etc. 

Today I'm off to Switzerland - my last trip! : (

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