Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I added some pictures! It must have taken me forever and I still couldn't figure out how to edit which pictures I put up so I just ended up putting up all the pictures I've taken. So, sorry if there are some random going-out pictures. However, those might be almost the only pictures I've taken with people in them. My roommates (Carrie, Erin, Elizabeth, Amber, Bekah) are all very very nice and fun. A few pictures are of my apartment (one of the view from our balcony), a couple of our doorman (with puppies!) and the rest of are street views, and churches I've seen. I haven't been around to all the places, just the Duomo, Santa Croce, San Lorenzo, etc. But the pictures are here! Arrividerci!


  1. Hurray! Good job Charlotte. They look great. I hope the instructions weren't too confusing.

  2. Charlotte, Your pictures are so fun!! I especially enjoy the ones with people in them. It is exciting to see all the fabulous places you have been!

    Your apartment looks great -- very cute and comfortable. I'm jealous of the view! Why does Giovanni have so many puppies? Did you get to play with them? When you post again, you'll also have to update us on how your classes are. (No pressure!)

    I hope you are having a wonderful time. xoxoxo mama

  3. Charlotte,
    Your mom sent me the contact info for your blog. I love the pics. Meg and I were there in 2001. I would love to go back. Enjoy, enjoy.
    Love, Neighbor Diane Soto

  4. Great Pictures I especially love the Louie Vuitton store window. You can bring me back anything from there :)
    Have fun, study hard and enjoy the Vino!